Binational school

French families moving to South Australia may be able to send their children to a public primary school and high school that deliver French Bilingual/Binational Programs.

Highgate School commenced South Australia’s first French Bilingual/Binational Program for Reception – year 2 in 2017 with the program expanding to year 3 in 2018.

Unley High will commence South Australia’s first year 8 French Bilingual/Binational program offering specific year 8 French Curriculum subjects in French and a French Immersion program in 2018.

Both schools are located south of the city, close to the beautiful Adelaide Hills.

Highgate School offers a harmonised French and Australian curriculum as one specialist stream from reception – year 2, expanding to year 3 in 2018.

The Unley High School French Bilingual/Binational program will utilise the French Curriculum for specific year 8 subjects that will be taught in French with Australian Curriculum subjects in English.

The French Bilingual/Binational programs and the French Immersion Program will be progressively implemented over time, with the aim of creating a pathway from primary years to high school into the future.

The French Bilingual/Binational Program consists of 80% French and 20% English in reception to Year 2, in 2018 the year 3 program changes to be 50% French and 50% English.