Spirit of South Australia

Your doorway to Australia

South Australia is a strategic industry hub conveniently at the centre of Australia’s road, rail, sea and air networks and less than two hours flight to Sydney or Melbourne.

Adelaide’s city centre is easy to reach from your home or business and close to transport hubs, such as Adelaide Airport, the Port of Adelaide, road and rail links direct to the west, north and east of Australia.

It all makes South Australia the smart place to locate your business, particularly when you’re exporting goods and services to Australasia and beyond.

A partnership growing stronger

South Australia is reaching out its hand to France to discover how we can become closer and mutually benefit from a relationship that’s set to blossom.

We may be far apart in distance, yet when you take a closer look, it’s easy to find common ground between France and South Australia.

Our joint defence project over the next five decades - to build Australia’s next generation submarines – will create jobs and prosperity for our future generations.

But there is so much more we can explore together. A love of food and wine, nature and adventure, art and creativity. Invention across many fields of excellence and industries. A shared transition from traditional to new economies, including a low carbon future. And by exploring this common ground together – we can become closer partners in prosperity.

READ South Australia's French Engagement Strategy.


We celebrate creativity at every turn. We have the nation’s original ­film corporation and flourishing creative enterprises making Australian movies, Hollywood special effects, software, music...


A small population and a sometimes challenging environment mean that invention is our lifeblood. Our inventions change lives.


Many strong businesses have been built here from nothing. Generations of commitment have helped South Australia establish its place in global trade.