South Australia offers a range of housing options to suit working families, individuals, students and visitors.

Compared to other states, we have some of the most affordable residential property prices of all Australian mainland capital cities.

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The median cost of buying a house in Adelaide is A$494,284, compared to A$1,013,258 in Sydney and A$719,486 in Melbourne (Domain Group, December 2015 quarter). The cost of renting a house or apartment is also comparatively more affordable, with the median rent just $355 per week.

Almost 80 per cent of homes in South Australia are detached or stand-alone, with two or three bedrooms and a front or rear garden.

Architectural styles vary from Federation-era terrace houses and bungalows, to brick renders and modern apartments.

The topography of Adelaide is generally flat, with the Adelaide Hills located to the east, and Adelaide’s coastal suburbs located to the west.

Whether you are drawn to our beaches or the greenery of the hills, you’ll be able to access the city by car or public transport in less than half an hour.

To learn more about the characteristics of our suburbs and search for properties to rent or buy, visit realestate.com.au and domain.com.au.

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