The majority of South Australian schools and preschools are run by the government (and are known as public schools). Alternatively, parents can send their children to Catholic or Independent schools (referred to as private schools).

Parents have the option to send their children to public schools or private schools. From 2017, both government and private schools will teach the national curriculum.

The school year has four terms and begins in late January/early February, running through to December with an extended break over the summer.

In South Australia, children are eligible to attend one year of pre-school before they start school.

They must be enrolled and attending primary school by the time they are 6 years of age.

Children complete reception and years 1 to 7 of their education at primary school. Years 8 to 12 are completed at high school.

Students complete their South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) in year 12, before going on to university, vocational training or work.  Students can also undertake a vocational qualification as part of their SACE, enabling them to begin their vocational pathway while still at school.

Families generally send their children to a preschool or school within their residential area (or school zone). To find a public school in your area, visit:

For a compressive overview of both private and public schools in South Australia, visit the Australian Schools Directory.

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