Health and biomedical

Located in the Adelaide CBD, Adelaide BioMed City is one of the largest health and life sciences clusters in the southern hemisphere, bringing together research, education, clinical care and business development. The cluster supports 2,000 biomedical researchers, 10,000 total staff and 18,000 daily visitors.

With the Australian Government offering up to 43.5% cashback for eligible foreign companies undertaking research and development in Australia, Adelaide has become the ideal location for clinical trials, analytics, study drug manufacturing, and many other types of R&D.

Thanks to initiatives such as the GigCity, its skilled ICT workforce and a diverse and stable population, Adelaide offers the ideal ecosystem for development and testing of digital healthcare applications and services.

Adelaide’s location as well as its cost-competitiveness make it an effective bridge to the Asia-Pacific, the fastest growing healthcare market in the world.

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