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United Kingdom

John Rees
Trade and Investment Director

Office of the Agent General for South Australia
Australia Centre, Strand, London
Tel: +44 (0) 207 520 9108

Located in London, the Office of the Agent General for South Australia has a dedicated team of trade and investment directors, ready to answer your questions and introduce you to the right people in Adelaide. Our staff also speak French, with the advantage of being in the same time zone.

South Australia

The Office of the French Strategy
State Administration Centre
200 Victoria Square 
Adelaide, South Australia 5001

The office coordinates initiatives that strengthen economic and business ties with France to foster trade, investment and job creation in key priority sectors. The team leads diplomatic and government-to-government relationships with key national, regional and local French government leaders.

Investment Attraction South Australia
L9, 131-139 Grenfell Street
Adelaide, South Australia
Tel: +61 8 8303 2432

Our Investment Agency in Adelaide, offers foreign investors a dedicated point of contact for all your business requirements.

They can help by:

  • ensuring you have the best support to expedite your project in what may be a new city
  • simplifying dealings with government and other business partners to streamline your path to a secure investment
  • providing policy and regulatory assistance to accelerate your investment
  • helping you access the state’s skilled local workforce, ensuring you are connected to professionals who can deliver results
  • linking you to new technologies, services, skills or processes which may add value to your organization.

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